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 Sewing has been my passion since I was very young. My love for fabric has driven my career from my first job in a shirt factory to my current longarm quilting business. Along my  journey I have learned the ins and outs of both the garment and fabric industries. From working with the fabric vendors to sending the finshed product out the door, I have done it all. 

But, my favorite part is still sitting and sewing the pieces together. The repetition of picking up the pieces and stitching them one after another is very soothing, even after the roughest day. Quilting has been my focus for the past 20 years. I love the colors and patterns that are formed as you stitch. I can spend hours at my machine taking little pieces and stitching them into big pieces. And when that part is done, I get to quilt them! 

I purchased my longarm machine in 1999 and everything changed. Now I could start a quilt and have it pieced, quilted, bound and finished in days, rather than weeks! I also discovered that there was very little information available to help us learn how to operate these wonderful machines. Frustration with the big machines was a common topic of conversation amongst longarm quilters. Thread breakage, batting issues and stitch quality were always the first issues on everyone's list, except mine. My many years in industrial sewing gave me an insight into how needles, threads and fabrics worked and why. And a new career was born.

I discovered not only that quilters needed the information that I had gleaned in 30 years working with the industrial machines, but that I enjoyed teaching them. There is nothing better than watching the light come on over their heads when they "got it". I also discovered that I enjoy writing. I have had 4 books published on the technical parts of needles, threads, batting and more. The original books are currently out of print, but look for the new updated versions to be ready soon.

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Both custom and pantograph quilting is available to finish your quilt. Nancy has 20 years of machine quilting experience and is well versed in the use of specialty threads. 

The right thread can make all the difference in your finished quilt.



Nancy is one of the industries best known thread educators. Her extensive technical knowledge of needles, threads, batting and fabric comes together in her comprehensive classes. 

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